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THE FLOW. - online lessons & tutorials - COMING SOON.

Discover the online world of "THE FLOW." – designed for beginners, intermediates, and pre advanced practitioners. Our lessons emphasize connecting individual elements into a smooth, seamless flow. We focus on elegant and clean execution, paying meticulous attention to detail while ensuring that important technical information is not overlooked. Each video features unique flows lasting between 30 to 60 seconds, along with various modifications. Additionally, you can book private online lessons or receive personalized feedback through voice messages after submitting your videos.

About the Teacher: Iris (TT: iriisherself) discovered her passion for gymnastics as a child and has always been an avid dancer. She has been dedicated to pole dancing for over 10 years. Iris holds multiple certifications in pole sports, including instructor training and heels training. Additionally, she is a certified fitness and movement trainer. Iris captivates both studio and online pole fitness enthusiasts with her creative flows and unique combos, providing a refreshing alternative to standalone tricks, especially for beginners and intermediate students.

Join us and elevate your pole fitness journey with THE FLOW. Connect with us and transform your moves into art!

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